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Cricket is a team game that originated in the 16th century in England. At that time, the British Empire was actively expanding, which contributed to the spread of this sport. Cricket betting in India is the most popular type of bets. It is more popular than football.

Rules of the game

The competition involves two teams of 11 people on an elliptical-shaped field, the goal is to score more points than the opponent. The process of scoring points is as follows: you need to hit the ball as far as possible from the opponent, and during his selection time to run across the pitch. In this moment, there are common features with baseball. Consider the terminology:

  • Bowler-batsman
  • Batsman-batter
  • Wounds-glasses
  • Innings-attack (from 10 to 20 overs)
  • Over-a series of 6 innings
  • Pitch-a square-shaped ground platform
  • The wicket-a device consisting of two jumpers and three columns, stands on two edges of the pitch.

The game begins with a toss-up of batters and batters. The attacking side consists of two batters (standing on the edges of the pitch, in front of the wickets), the batting side (fielders) brings out the entire team (11 people are distributed throughout the field). The batter must earn the maximum points per innings, and the pitcher must prevent it. The attacking side can earn wounds in two ways:

  1. Hit the ball out of bounds, if the ball has time to touch the ground — for this 4 wounds are awarded. If not touched — 6 runs.
  2. To hit the ball and for the time until the batsman has not managed to return it, the batsmen must have time to change places-1 run.

Fielders have the option to knock out batsmen before their over ends, and there are several ways to do this:

  • Hit the wicket for the batsman.
  • Catch the batted ball before it touches the ground.
  • Hit the batsman’s leg that closes the wicket.
  • Get the batted ball back before the batsmen run over.

The opponents switch places at the end of the overs or when 10 batsmen are knocked out. This discipline is little known in the CIS, most of the fans are in Western Europe and India. In the latter, this sport is the second most popular after football. The most high — profile leagues besides the World Cup and the English Counties Championship are the T20 (Twenty20) and One Day International (ODI).

Cricket betting India

Types of cricket betting

  • The outcome is on the winner of the match (there is no draw at T20 and ODI)
  • Double outcome — the team will not lose, there will be no draw. * Handicap-with what advantage the winner will be determined.
  • Total-the number of runs for the entire game or for a certain number of overs.
  • Individual statistics — MVP of the match, best batsman, etc.
  • For the first innings-one match can go from 3-4 hours, so such bets are very popular.
  • On the draw — which of the opponents will start in the attack (decided with a coin). The odds are 50-50 and it is impossible to predict success, pure chance. Therefore, such bets are unpopular with professional betters.
  • Match statistics — number of runs-outs, number of wickets broken per match, best score per innings.
  • Long-term bets on the champion or playoff participants.

How to bet on cricket online

Making a bet is easy:

  • Choose a bookmaker. It is desirable that it is legal in your country.
  • Complete the registration and identification process.
  • Make a deposit to your account.
  • Find the tournament of interest and the outcome in the BC line.
  • Add the event to the coupon, specify the bid amount, and confirm.

Bet on cricket


Cricket betting is present in the lines of most legal betting shops in the India. Let’s highlight the top four in our opinion:

  • 1xBet is one of the best options, offers the widest line and extensive painting. Here you can find all the leagues from the World Cup to the test league of India.
  • Indibet specializes in cricket betting, so has the widest line for this sport.
  • 10Cric also boasts a large number of tournaments and a large painting, but here the margin will be twice as large.
  • Parimatch is a profitable bonus program, a good selection of leagues, a margin of around 4-5%.

Features of cricket betting

This is a sport where you can bet on the favorite. First, there is simply no obvious underdog in most matches. Secondly, the game lasts at least 3-4 hours. Therefore, the defeat of the favorites is not uncommon. Before you bet, you need to familiarize yourself with all the rules and terminology of the game.

This sport is mainly betted by amateurs and fans, most professional betters avoid it. Based on this, it is easy for experienced players to find a good coefficient. Games last from 3 hours to 5 days, and 70% of cricket betting are placed in live mode. At major tournaments, the hardier teams often win.

Strategies of cricket betting

There is no unique strategy for this discipline. The most correct solution is analysis. It is worth checking the information about the composition of the team, in what condition their best players are, the level of motivation for the upcoming tournament, etc. Consider the format of the event. Be sure to find out what type of tournament the upcoming tournament will be: the ODI is only one day, the T20 innings is 20 overs, the World Cup lasts 5 days. There were games of contract in cricket. If you find strange facts or suspicious substitutions of players during the analysis, you should refuse to bet on this meeting. The following factors deserve special attention:

  • Location of the event. As a rule, those who play “at home” show the best results. It is also worth considering the difference in time zones and climate.
  • Weather conditions. Due to bad weather, the meeting may end prematurely, that is, the number of overs will be reduced.
  • The draw. A team that starts with an innings is easier to play. First, a fresh field, and second, an unworn ball (it is changed only after 80 overs).

Use resources with statistics:

  • Wikipedia — learn more about the rules and formats of the game.
  • Espncricinfo — latest news, competition broadcasts, useful articles.
  • Cricbuzz— all team statistics, tournament grids, player and team rankings.

Cricket betting advice

Cricket betting tips

Beginners who are interested in betting on this sport, but do not have enough time to analyze and analyze the match and teams, should read the tips of professionals. Such predicates are useful for novice betters for cricket betting. First, they can bet on matches with high traffic, and secondly, they can learn the method of analysis and what to start from when making a forecast.


Cricket is a sport with a huge audience and fan base. All over the world, millions of people bet on it. Therefore, if you delve into this discipline, spend time watching and analyzing matches, you can consistently earn money on cricket betting.

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